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Need More Efficient Business Systems?

InfoPlan's trained consultants are keen to help you achieve your goal.

We will help you to build:

  • Appropriate physical systems and controls.
  • An ERP System which will provide good control over company assets and liabilities
  • Software solutions to minimize input and maximize data output usefulness.
  • Reporting diciplines that will maximise efficiency and therefor profit
  • Reporting that will enable appropriate levels to be maintained for various facets of business investment
  • We deliver Business systems - the accounting output happens automatically

We Listen to You

A major part of a business consultant’s job is learning and understanding the client’s business and information requirements:

14535241-male-executive-sitting-on-table-and-discussing-with-colleagues-during-meeting.jpgOnce you engage infoPlan we will usually take time to learn as much as we can from you as well as other key players in your business.

  • We will want to know the details of your business’ mission as well as what operational issues your business entails. 
  • We can help to provide you with effective systems delivering pertinent reporting once we have an in-depth understanding of your business. 
  • Business management software solutions we utilise include Sage Pastel Evolution, Sage Pastel Evolution Professional, Sage Pastel Partner, Sage Pastel Xpress and various 3rd party solutions for specialist applications.